Khaleed Desert Scimitar: Guide to Mobile Legends

Khaleed, also known as the Desert Scimitar, is the boss in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Are you ready to become the sand king of the battlefield? We have the best tips on his skills, build, and attacks.

Khaleed Desert Scimitar: Khaleed’s Unique Passive Move: Sand Walk

While walking around, Khaleed loves to gain Desert Power. He glides on sand, makes his next hit really cool, and slows down his target when it’s fully charged. It’s like his own dance party in the sand!

Khaleed Desert Scimitar: How to Use It Right:

This sand walk will make Khaleed run straight to the hero or enemy you choose if you aim well. Just right for staying on target or running away!

Khaleed Desert Scimitar: Desert Tornado is the first skill.

When Khaleed swings his scimitar around, it hurts enemies close and pulls them in. It’s like a cool dance move that hits hard three times in a row!


Move Khaleed around after each storm. What you do quickly here can make or break your mix. Don’t forget to sneak in an auto-attack either!

Rapids Guard is the second skill.

Khaleed puts up a quicksand shell around himself, which heals him and lessens the damage. But be careful—enemies can stop his day at the quicksand spa with crowd control!

Smart Move:

Make good use of it. When to take pain and when to fight back is what makes a good Khaleed. Wait until the right time!

Ultimate: Sandstorm in a Rage

When Khaleed turns into the sandstorm surfer, he charges enemies and knocks them around. He can’t even be controlled while doing this crazy move!

Time of Day:

It’s flashy and clear, giving foes time to respond. Comboing it with Desert Tornado will do the most damage. And if things get too tight, you can use it to get away quickly!

Increasing Khaleed’s Power

Let’s talk gear now that you know how he moves!

Strike and Spell Battle

Pick the spell “Flicker.” In and out of battle, it makes you look good.

Set up the emblem:

Use the Fighter symbol. It’s like Khaleed having a private party in the sand.

Best Build up

Khaleed loves to move quickly, so these Swift boots help him do that.

Endless Battle:

Our sand hero will love the extra damage and health. When an enemy is low on life, Blade of Despair does more damage.

Brute Force Breastplate:

That’s why the Brute Force Breastplate gives you more power and resilience.

Queen’s Wings:

This skill helps Khaleed stay alive when things get tough.

For a second chance at life, just in case.

Getting Good at the Combo: Dance on the Sand

Sand Walk In:

Boost your strength and run at the enemy.

In Desert Tornado Show, you can spin the scimitar to draw enemies towards you.

Quicksand Shield Up:

Protect yourself from damage and slow down enemies close.

Finale of Raging Sandstorm:

Surf into the sandstorm to stun foes and fully charge your power.

In conclusion

You can take over the fight with Khaleed after reading this guide. It takes practice to get good at something. Let’s dance in the sand and show them who the real NIAGASLOT Mobile Legends winner is!

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